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A journey through time

A family business for three generations

A journey through time

A family business for three generations

A journey through time

After the Second World War the 1950’s were a time of regeneration and new beginnings. In Böblingen many of the buildings had been destroyed and were being rebuilt. In 1953 Willi and Maria Böhler, inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the times, decided to open their own Pastry Shop combined with a dance cafe. He was a Master Pastry Chef, she was a Tailor and together they chose to locate their cafe in the building where Hotel Böhler currently stands. At Böblingen’s Postplatz had been a Hotel before the Second World War and the tradition would continue. The new building also contained a Stylish Departement Store called “Haus des guten Einkaufs”. Life here was vibrant with young people talking and dancing, eating cake and ice cream. There are still memorabilia in the hotel from this time. It was a place of encounters, hospitality and community.

The floors above Willi and Maria’s New cafe were initially used to house World War 2 refugees. However, as Southwest Germany’s industries and businesses recovered Willi and Maria became aware of more and more business travellers seeking accommodation. They decided to start their own hotel and as the refugee families moved on, they acquired the rooms above their cafe and converted them to hotel rooms. Hotel Böhler flourished and Willi and Maria added a fourth and fifth floor to the building. In 1978 Willi and Maria retired and the next generation took over. Two of their three sons, Wolfgang and Norbert, began running the hotel with their wives Karin and Marianne. Together they continued Hotel Böhler’s tradition of hospitality, personal service, and a high standard through constant modernisation.

In 2012, the third generation of the Böhler family took over. Norbert and Marianne’s son Manuel now runs the hotel with his wife Melinda and their young son Adrian completes the family. Over the years Hotel Böhler has managed to preserve the best of the 1950’s: friendliness, flair, charm and a very personal approach to each guest. And, of course, we strive to ensure the hotel keeps pace with our ever changing world and provides everything our guests expect from a modern hotel… with perhaps just a little more.

Hotel Böhler today

Handover of the hotel from the 1. to the
the 2nd generation, the sons Wolfgang
Böhler and Norbert Böhler, in the
year 1977.

Inauguration ceremony
new swimming pool 1973

Hotel Böhler in the 1970s

Café Böhler around 1960

Interior view Café
Böhler in the 1950s

Predecessor turn
of century 19./20. ct.

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